About us

Hi there, and welcome to Roaming Mommy.

Are you looking for practical, easy to apply and straightforward tips to make decisions for you and your baby? or maybe you would like to know how other moms are dealing with the same challenges you are facing.

Ever found yourself overwhelmed with the amount of material on mother and baby products? Motherhood is a new world, isn’t it?

Are you a new mom living in a foreign country or do you have your family living in another state?

I’ve been (and AM) in all those places, too. I understand the challenges of being a first time mom in a foreign country. I know how all the theories that go around, the ‘do’s and don’ts’ can cloud your thoughts and best judgement. I also feel I try to make the best decisions when it comes to anything to do with my baby.

First comes pregnancy, then motherhood… they are both a world or their own. Like you, I used to voluntarily go pass the baby section at major stores. There was no need to go pass that section, no need to see what it had to offer, unless you were going to buy a gift to a friend having a baby.

Things change. Once my baby was born I had to catch up with all the blogs, forums and Facebook pages on baby products. A simple question, such as what baby bottle to buy became confusing and an enormous reason for debate:

-What’s the best material?
-Does size matter?
-What nipple should I use?
-How about the flow?

The easiest question became hard to answer, that’s why I started Roaming Mommy: to bring you easy to understand, practical tips and easy to apply, from my personal experience and from other moms’.

I started my journey through motherhood roaming the world with my husband and my newborn baby, and this website is a tribute to that experience.

At Roaming Mommy we roam around the vast mother/ baby world to provide another point of view and hopefully add to your experience. We provide case studies, articles, brand reviews, tips and advice based on Amazon reviews as well as some personal tips from our experience. You can learn more about our criteria for product selection and recommendations here.

I hope you enjoy the journey and just as you would do with any piece of advice you get from a friend or family member, take whatever works for you and your baby.


Roaming Mommy