Top 5 Best Baby Travel Systems for Parents on the Go

Top travel system strollerAre you looking to buy the best baby travel system out there? You are in the right place.

Whether you are a first-time parent or not, baby travel systems offer a whole lot of benefits. They consist of stroller and car seat combo, both of which can be purchased separately or together.

The main benefit of investing in a baby travel system is the convenience it offers. This is because it allows you to transfer your baby to and from the pushchair without necessarily removing him from the car seat.

In this article we present to you the top 5 best baby travel systems according to Amazon buyers and why they are great.

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Baby Travel System Comparative Table

Product PhotoProduct NameWeightStar RatingNo. Amazon ReviewsCheck Out on

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System
36 Lbs (16.3 kg) (4.8 / 5)
300+Check Out on

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
46.3 Lbs (21 kg) (4.6 / 5)
320+Check Out on

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System
41.5 Lbs (18.8 kg) (4.4 / 5)
465+Check Out on

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System
50 Lbs (22.6 kg) (4.4 / 5)300+Check Out on

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace
29.8 Lbs (13.5 kg) (4.4 / 5)125+Check Out on

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Reviews of the Best Baby Travel Systems

1. Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System

This stroller and car seat combo comes with Flex-Loc Technology, which is common in modern travel systems and an equivalent of Graco’s Click Connect.

The Latch system allows you to install the car seat and keep the base in the car, thus eliminating the need to install the travel system with every trip. What’s even better is that the car seat easily clicked into the stroller when detached from the base.

This travel system has a baby buggy that offers multiple reclining positions. Your little one can lay back for a nap or sit up to explore the world around him. The reclining options also make it easier to keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes.

The stroller in the Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 comes with a one-fold mechanism that allows for quick storage. This feature takes some time getting used to and considering the stroller weighs 33 pounds, coordination is required when folding it up.

As many other strollers, this one has a 5 point harness to ensure your baby doesn’t wiggle his way out. It comes with other essential features that benefit the parent pushing the stroller. Such include a height adjustable handle, two cup holders as well as a peek a boo window in the canopy. There is also a snack tray and two cup holders for your baby.

As for weight and height limitations, the car seat can accommodate a toddler weighing 5-30 pounds with a maximum height of 30 inches. The stroller can handle up to 50 pounds of weight.

Key Features

• Multi-position reclining seat
• Adjustable handle height
• Flex-Loc Technology


✓Easy to strap onto stroller and car
✓ Incredibly comfortable
✓ Affordable


✕ Reduced storage when seat is reclined
✕ Offers insufficient head support for newborns
✕ Hard to steer

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What have other parents said about this travel system?

Many parents fell in love with it as it was easy to put together. One father even cited that it saved his daughter’s life in a car accident. The reclining process is easy and the various compartments for storage were also a favourite for parents. Some parents, however, complained that their travel system came with scratches.

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

This is one of Amazon’s favourite travel systems. It is equipped with a removable toddler seat and can easily be transformed into an infant car seat frame with the KeyFit 30 adapter.

The best thing is that you don’t have to remove the toddler seat each time you want to use the stroller with the car seat. Many moms love that the toddler seat allows for multiple reclining positions and can accommodate passengers weighing up to 50 pounds.

You can choose the preferred reclining position using a push button. Both leg rest and seat have soft padding for added comfort. The fabric used is nice and soft. It also features a 5 point harness system for a safe ride.

Chicco Bravo Trio travel system has an adjustable and removable canopy. While it isn’t fitted with UVS or SPF protection, the canopy has a flip out visor that offers nice coverage and protection from the sun.

The mesh peek a boo window in the canopy allows you to spy on your child while taking a stroll. It is also a convenient feature since the seat isn’t reversible.

The adjustable handlebars are a welcome addition for parents of varying heights. It offers three different positions so every parent will be satisfied. The single action, linked rear brakes are easy to set and release.

It uses two 9” rear wheels and two 7” front wheels, all of which are made from plastic and filled with foam. They are fitted with four wheel suspension for shock absorption.

Key Features

• Key Fit 30 infant car seat and Bravo stroller
• Self-standing compact folded design
• Auto-positioning wheels


✓ One hand folding design
✓ Four wheel suspension minimizes vibration
✓ Fitted with KeyFit 30 infant car seat frame
✓ Incredibly comfortable
✓ Compact design allows for easy storage


✕ No reversible seat
✕ Wheels are rather small and not good for rough terrain

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What have other parents said about this travel system?

From the reclining seat and height adjustable handlebars to the ease of setting up and durable construction, parents had a lot of positive things to say about this travel system. Good quality service was also a huge plus. Concerns expressed by parents include lack of a reversible seat.

3. Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

Baby Trend has been manufacturing juvenile products for almost thirty years. Their product range includes infant swings and bouncers, Diaper Champ diaper pail, high chairs, infant car seats, strollers and more.

Their Expedition LX is an affordable travel system loved by parents for its ease of manoeuvrability and compact design.

This model offers everything you would want in a baby travel system ranging from a swivel to spacious storage basket and large canopy. It features the Expedition LX Jogging Stroller, making this a perfect solution for parents who love walking and strolling with their babies. The front locking wheel allows for jogging while the swivel wheel makes manoeuvrability easy.

Like the Baby Trend EZ Ride 5, this model features a Flex-Loc infant car seat. It can accommodate children weighing up to 30 pounds and up to 30 inches tall. Many moms love the option of adjusting the height of the car seat.

Key Features

• Expedition LX Jogging stroller
• Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat
• Swivel wheel
• Adjustable canopy and ample storage


✓ Can be used in any weather
✓ Stroller handle has a good grip
✓ Large, adjustable canopy
✓ Flex-Loc System for easy installation in car and on stroller
✓ Great for the all-weather and all-terrain jogger


✕ Can be a problem to transport if you own a small car

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What have other parents said about this travel system?

Many parents cited that this travel system was everything they would have hoped for. And while some felt that more money could get them a better travel system, others agreed that it offered great value for money with adjustable height, tires that roll smoothly and it is great to manoeuvre.

4. Graco Aire 3 Click Connect Travel System

Graco’s Aire 3 Click Connect travel system features a three wheel design with a locking front wheel swivel wheel. The carrying strap and 1 hand fold make for easy transportation while the self-stands and auto-locks provide added safety.

Like other models, this one comes with a multi-positional stroller that reclines to create an infant carriage.

For storage, the Aire 3 Click Connect offers a large storage bin that will hold the diaper bag. The bin has a weight limit of 10 pounds. It’s important to note that the number of items you can put in this bin is limited by the bar under the seat as it restricts opening.

You get a soft bottle holster that can hold thin sippy cups and a water bottle. The parent console is fitted with two cup holders that aren’t removable.

The large canopy, while not SPF certified, has a peek a boo window that allows for ventilation. It also makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your little one. The seat is constructed using a tightly woven canvas that’s surrounded by a tougher and more durable canvas.

The downside is that it is not an all terrain stroller, so it would be good to keep this in mind if you really liked this stroller. We loved the single action brakes as they are easy to set and release.

Consistent with other strollers, it features a 5 point safety harness, which makes it easy to put on and take off of the baby. It is a little disappointing that the handlebar isn’t adjustable.

Key Features

• Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat
• 3-wheel stroller with carrying strap
• Self-standing and auto-lock wheels
• Multi-position, flat reclining seat


✓ Compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant car seats
✓ Takes less than 5 minutes to set up
✓ Convenient single action brakes


✕ Limited storage access
✕ Handlebar height isn’t adjustable

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What have other parents said about this travel system?

Many felt that there was a lot to love about the Graco Aires Click Connect travel system including the colour, ease of installation and use, storage compartments for mom and baby, stroller canopy and more. The fact that it reclines into a flat seat to create an infant carriage is a huge plus.

5. Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

This baby travel system is designed for babies weighing up to 35 pounds and can be used until your toddler is 30 inches tall. It features the Evenflo Embrace Infant Car Seat that fits nicely into a click and lock that stays in the car.

The car seat is designed to be safe and exceeds all Federal safety standards. It is fitted with a 5 point harness system that ensures that your little one doesn’t wiggle his way out of the car seat.

A huge plus is that it is light weight. This stroller weights under 30 pounds and it is the lightest of our 5 shortlisted travel systems.

This travel system also comes with a Vive stroller with four wheel suspension. The thick EVA wheels are a welcome feature that provide sufficient stability and traction. Front wheels turn while the back wheels lock, ensuring that you never have to worry about going when what you want is to stay or vice versa.

The stroller has a storage basket, a protective canopy with peek a boo window, a storage tray with three compartments for the benefit of the parent as well as an snack tray for your toddler. Many moms loved that this stroller folds to a compatible size of 16 inches for easier storage.

Key Features

• Embrace Infant Car Seat
• Vive stroller
• 3 to 5 point harness system


✓ Ample storage space
✓ Lightest travel system in our list
✓ Evenflow Embrace infant car seat doesn’t have to be installed each time you take a trip
✓ Folds to a compact 16” size


✕ Car seat is a little loose on the stroller
✕ It’s sometimes difficult to snap into base

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What have other parents said about this travel system?

The car seat is sturdy and and lightweight, while stroller uses a harness system rather than a waist strap. These are just a few of the qualities cited in positive reviews. Parents loved the ease of installation and use, while others cited its longevity. One parent even cited that she’s used the system for two of her sons, which is quite incredible as she never had to spend money on a new one.

Choosing the best baby travel system

Before making a purchase, it’s important to consider how you will use the travel system. The most important thing is to ensure that your stroller and car seat combo works for you and your baby.

The car seat

The first thing to consider when choosing a travel system is the car seat. Given that it will keep your baby safe in a moving car, narrow down your choices to models that fit tightly. They should also be easy to install and use.

The ideal car seat should have a 5 point harness system. If possible, get one that can be installed without the travel base, in case you need to change vehicles quickly.

The stroller

Strollers for baby travel systems come in all sizes and shapes including full-size feature-packed strollers, lightweight strollers as well as jogging strollers.

Ensure that you check how well a stroller will fit inside in your vehicle before deciding on a specific design. For instance, jogging strollers will work on any terrain but will prove difficult to tuck away for storage.

Consider purchasing different

If finding a travel system that best suits your needs is proving a challenge, you can create your own with separate stroller and car seats.

You will be able to use both as usual, but different brands of strollers and car seats may not snap together. An adapter makes pairing pieces from different manufacturers a walk in the park.

And the winner is…

We really liked the Baby Trend EZ Ride 5, and recommend it as one of the best baby travel systems on Amazon. Due to the integrated Flex Loc Technology, 5 point harness system on the stroller, multiple reclining positions and light weight vs. other options, we believe it is a deserving winner.

The fact that the handle height is adjustable makes this model quite comfortable for the parents. This combo is unique in its own right and the Latch is a favourite feature for parents who want to eliminate the stress of installing the travel system with every trip.

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