Top 27 Best Baby Sleep Experts You Absolutely Need To Check Out

Are you looking for the best baby sleep experts you can find online?

‘At what point will my baby sleep through the night?’ I remember asking myself one day when my newborn was about 8 weeks old. Although I’ve read many books about sleep routines and how to put my baby to sleep, I found that she was never 100% that book’s baby. The truth is that there is no one size that fits all, as every baby is different.

Even though it is hard to find the best baby sleep expert, you can relate to one more than other based on their methods and style. In this list you will find baby whisperers, sleep consultants, government organisations and major clinics. Some of them are specialist in sleep, and some others have expertise in different areas, but cover sleep in babies substantially, hence they have been included. All these experts are experienced in what they do, regardless of their method or approach to baby sleep. We’ve gone through their credentials and listed them, so you know who you are taking advice from.

To ease your way through this article you can go through the table of contents. Please note that experts are not listed in any particular order.

Top 27 Best Baby Sleep Experts You Absolutely Need to Check Out


This website created by Dr. Bill and Martha Sears provides advice for parents from Pregnancy and childbirth to child behaviour, common illnesses and parenting advice. This couple of paediatricians raised 8 children and are all about answering questions from parents. They’ve written over 40 books on paediatrics, articles for magazines and have had appearances in multiple television programs in America, such as 20/20, Donahue, Good Morning America, Oprah, CNN and many more.

Among their articles I really found the one on co-sleeping one of the most interesting. Dr Sears started co-sleeping with their 3rd child and from then, not only did they write many books on the subject, but also conducted research with another one their children, Lauren. They monitored her breathing, heart beats, blood oxygen levels and air flow; which proved that co-sleeping made the baby sleep better than alone. In case you are wondering what the title to their article is, Co-sleeping: Yes, No, Sometimes?

They also provide advice on 6 ways to get your baby sleep through the night and plenty of more articles, which include research: Latest Research on Co-sleeping and SIDS: Latest Research on How Sleeping with your baby is Safe


This Australian website is dedicated to parenting, from babies to teenagers. There is a section on baby’s sleep, which includes how much sleep babies need, Understanding baby’s sleep and Sleep Options (such as the wrap, dummy, co-sleeping and night weaning). There is also a page on Baby’s Sleep Environment, Sleep Issues like Sleep Settling, Body Rocking and Sleep Routines. It is highly informative and thorough. I particularly found the Solving Sleep Problems Section, the most interesting as it is backed by a research conducted by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. It is a full guide that explains positive ways to change your baby’s sleep patterns in 3 to 14 days.

Content on this site is created by a panel of independent experts and scrutinised by 120 expert reviewers and supported by the Australian Government. Experts have consulted over 1000 parents to develop the site.

3. WebMD

WebMD is dedicated to providing health information about topics that matter to the community. It is not exclusively dedicated to babies, but there is a very comprehensive Guide to Your baby’s sleep and naps, which include information on Help your baby sleep through the night, How to set Good Sleep Patterns for your Baby, Information on SIDS prevention and Answers about your baby’s sleep. The content on the site is created by a broad range of professionals, including physicians, journalists, medical and health communications, professionals in clinical information, medicine and nursing.


Initially Red Nose was known as The Sudden Infant Death Research Foundation Inc. Its founder, Kaarene Noelle Fitzgerald AC created the organisation in 1977 after the death of her son Glen to SIDS. This is a highly reputable website, that specialises in research, awareness and education on safety sleeping, creating a safe environment for baby to sleep, safe lifestyle, safe practices among the community and health professionals.

This site is all about education, particularly for parents on how to create a safe environment for their baby to sleep and prevent SIDS and SIDU.

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5. was founded by Dr. Harvey Karp, one of America’s most recognised paediatricians, with over 25 years of experience in Los Angeles. Dr. Karp’s innovative approach has helped thousands of parents understand and satisfy the needs of their babies. He is the author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Happiest Toddler on the Block and Guide to Great Sleep. He is renowned as a global sleep expert.

Dr. Karp’s latest innovation is SNOO, a safe and great option to put your baby down to sleep; which has been named Winner of CES 2017 Baby Safety Awards.

On, Dr. Karp also offers tips for parents on topics like baby routines, dream feeding and bed sharing. It has also helped parents whose babies only sleep on their bodies and provides tips to help your baby sleep on their own.


Le Bonheur is one of America’s best children’s hospitals. Within their website there is a very valuable section: Kids Health & Wellness, where they provide practical parenting advice on several topics. Moreover, at the hospital there is a Sleep Disorders Clinic dedicated to helping families deal with sleep related issues which can affect quality of life. The centre is ran by experts from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. They treat from snoring to sleepwalking, insomnia and Narcolepsy.

Their website features a set of informational articles to provide guidance to families regarding sleep: Getting your Child to Sleep, how to keep kids in their own beds, Safe swaddling for baby’s hips and many more sleep related articles based on research.


This website was created by Senior Sleep Consultant and mother of 2 Nicole Johnson. Her story is truly inspirational. After encountering all sorts of sleep problems with her first baby Nicole became an expert in all sleep literature and several methods, and has then been able to help other parents going through baby sleep challenges.

She works with a team of other consultants on her site, providing help across the country and internationally! You can check out her One-on-one page, which offers a wide range of services, from phone consultations to email and bundles.

If you are a DIY (Do-it-yourself) parent, you can also find a lot of free advice from Nicole’s Free e-books, guides and articles to help sleep train your child. She offers sleep routines and advice for parents of babies of different ages and also twins.


This Australian organisation provides parenting programs and one-on-one counselling to families with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

They provide a comprehensive online guide that is almost like a menu. Go to Advice & tips and select who needs help within your family: newborn, toddler, pre-schooler or parent! Then a list of issues comes up (settling, breastfeeding, stress, nutrition, teething, etc.) for you to select the option you want to research further. They then feature a series of articles related to your topic and a list of FAQs.

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The Sleep Lady is Kim West, also the author of best-selling sleep bible Good Night, Sleep Tight. Kim is a LCSW-C, a family therapist and a sleep coach with over 20 years of experience. Kim became a sleep coach after successfully developing her own original gentle method to help her daughters’ sleep: The Shuffle. Since then, she has helped countless families with sleep problems over the past 21 years.

On her site, Kim offers articles, courses, books and coaching services for babies of different ages.  The Gentle Sleep & Parenting Center is an online platform to provide help for parents 24/7. Which means that a team of sleep consultants can help you straight away.

In her blog you will find a series of articles to guide you through baby sleep, routines and other topics, such as: 10 benefits of an early bed time for your child, My toddler wakes every night and won’t take a nap and Sleep training babies, is it really All or nothing?


Pinky is an International Board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and author of best-selling books: Sleeping like a baby and 100 ways to calm the crying baby among others. Her books are endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association and La Leche League. She is a sought after guest speaker at Australian TV shows such as Today, A Current Affair, Sunday Sunrise and Today Tonight, as well as internationally. Pinky’s gentle unique, simple, approach encourages parents to use common sense in a world full of information. She is a specialist in gentle parenting and has helped thousands of families understand their baby better.

On her website, Pinky Mckay has a section dedicated to sleep, including an article on self-settling and why it is not the Holy Grail.  Her article is strongly backed by research from the University of North Texas, explaining that when baby cries are not attended that generates stress hormones, which means baby is going to sleep emotionally distressed. She also quotes paediatrician William Sears, who calls this the “shut down syndrome”, where baby’s brain shuts down the pain of not being attended to by not crying, but is still stressed.

There are many more articles on her blog, not only on baby sleep but also breastfeeding, babies and toddlers.


Amy Lage and Heather Hartzell are Family Sleep Institute certified Paediatric Sleep consultants and founders of Well Rested Baby. Both mothers made a profession out of a passion, when they decided to get formal sleep education to help other families.

Amy and Heather created a team Paediatric Sleep Consultants who offer a range of services, from quick fixes and Skype consultations to sleepovers and group consultations.

On their blog they feature a set of articles on sleep for children of different ages, such as the transition to one nap in 18 month old babies, and how do I gently teach my child to self-soothe among others.


Goodnightsleepsite was founded 9 years ago by Alanna McGinn from Canada. Alanna’s experience is backed by all these credentials: she is Director for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC), Parent Prep Educator, and serves at the Faculty of the Family Sleep Institute. She has also been guest speaker at seminars and TV: CTV Your Morning, The Goods on CBC, The Marilyn Denis Show, Citylineand the Cat and Nat Show, among others. This mother of 3 started helping other families with her first child and has not stopped since. She has a team of sleep consultants that help babies, toddlers and parents sleep better, working on methods that best fit that family. As there is no unique solution that fits all.

If you want to find out more about this website, you can check out the blog section with valuable articles on sleep regression, in 4 month old, 8 to 10 month old and 18 month old babies, Nap transitions and why bedtime routines are crucial for children.


This website was founded by Dana Obleman, who has been dedicated  to helping babies sleep for the last 13 years. Dana is a psychologist, she holds a degree in Education, and is the creator of the Sleep Sense Program. Her methods have been presented not only to paediatricians across the USA but also on CNN, The Washington Post, Today’s Parent, The Huffington Post and WebMD.

Dana’s consultants works with families creating a customised sleep plan to fit the family needs via the Sleep Sense Program. Her program is available in several countries, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Luxemburg, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, and many others. You can also check out Dana’s success stories page for references. has a dedicated section with articles that provide advice for parents on different topics like nursing baby to sleep and how to stop and how to help your baby love their crib.

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This team of professional sleep consultants is based in Brisbane Australia (with a consultant in Adelaide).

They offer customised solutions based on each family’s parenting style. They get to know you and your family first, and then they work with you in creating a routine to help your baby sleep. They offer the following services: in-home, in-home overnight, Phone or Skype and Fly-In Sleep consultant (within Australia).

You can also check out their testimonials page, which has plenty of happy customers’ endorsements.

You can also check out their blog for advice on baby sleep related articles: sleep and post natal depression, maintaining toddler sleep with a newborn, and when can my baby sleep through the night?, among others.


Ingrid Prueher is the Baby Sleep Whisperer, Certified Family Sleep Institute (FSI) Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor.  Her speciality is to educate families on becoming successful sleepers. Ingrid is a very sought after expert, and has been featured through the media and web such as Fox & Friends, The Huffington Post and Baby Sleep 911. Ingrid’s background and certifications are well renowned, backing up her experience with raising 2 boys.

Her site is not solely dedicated to baby sleep, she is qualified to help the whole family. Ingrid has a blog section on her website where she writes about tips to help your child through separation anxiety, establishing a sleep routine for your kids, and how to create healthy sleep habits among other topics.


Possums Online is the online portal of Possums The Clinic, Brisbane’s first multi-disciplinary specialist clinic. This centre is not solely dedicated to sleep disorders, however, I thought it was important to add it to the list as they provide a very good range of services and programs for families.

Among their experts Renee Keogh and Dianne Walsh are the infant sleep and lactation consultants. They offer programs and workshops for infant sleep that are free of charge if your baby has a Medicare card. They are also able to do home visits and Skype consultations with also and online parents group where you can discuss concerns about your baby from 0 to 12 months.

Possums online also offers a blog section where they cover a range of different topics, from sleep, to nutrition, depression and breastfeeding.


Dr. Marc Weissbluth is a pediatritian, sleep disorder specialist and founder of Northwester Children’s Practice in Chicago. He is also the author of 4 sleep books: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins; and Your Fussy Baby. Dr. Weissbluth’s clinic offers sleep consults from infants to adolescents where he offers different solutions, including his very own Dr. Weissblth’s method.

On the hospital website, there is a very useful resources page where you will find handouts on baby sleeping at 2 months, sleeping at 4 months and sleeping and crying.


This site was founded in 2010 by Natalie Nevares from New York, and specialises in providing sleep training programs to families in need. After experiencing motherhood, Natalie developed her own mommywise method of in-home sleep training support, helping countless families.

Mommywise has a team of experienced sleep coaches who will first get to know you and your family before offering any advice or solutions. The program offers in-home support of 48, 72 hours or 2 consecutive nights where the sleep coaches will tailor make a plan for your family. They then offer unlimited support for up to 4 weeks after the in-home program to help with any sleep regression your baby may experience, and to guarantee that baby continues to sleep through the night. On their site, mommywise have countless of happy customers’ testimonials that are a tribute to their work.

There is also a blog on the site that provides good guidance for parents in need of advice, such as: when to sleep train your baby, Sleep training tips for parents and good infant sleep habits.


This Australian website was established in 2004 by best-selling author Jo Ryan, Registered Nurse with a Masters of Public Health. Babybliss has provided advice and support to over 3,500 parents of newborns and toddlers. Their consultants will first listen to you and your family’s issues with sleep and then provide a customised plan to address your needs. They don’t use cry-it-out or controlled crying techniques in their approach.

On the site there is a services page that outlines the different ways you can get help: help at home, help by phone, post-natal stay and counselling. If you are based in Melbourne, Australia you can even make an appointment and visit their clinic. They also offer help with baby catnapping and dummy dependence.

On their blog, Babybliss provide more advice and tips, such as: 7 Sleep tips for babies and toddlers during the holiday season, Q&A on early morning waking, and a Q&A on settling your baby.

20. was founded by Jo Whelan, a 20-year experience Registered Nurse and Mental Health Consultant for Infants and Parent Relationships. Jo offers her expert advice to families in the comfort of their own home. Her services include sleep/ settling, home stay sleep services and antenatal and postnatal seminars. In her resources page, Jo offers a series of downloadable routines for babies of different ages.

She also offers a downloadable baby whisperer sleep facts sheet, which is free of charge with useful advice on how to get started with your baby routine, how to know when your baby is tired and how much sleep your baby needs according to her age.


This website was created by Dorothy Waide, a Karitane Mothercraft Nurse and well know and sought after New Zealand sleep consultant. She is also the best-selling author of You Simply Can’t spoil a newborn.

Dorothy has over 30 years’ experience in hospital care, maternity and children’s ward. She has also worked in Tresillian, Sydney. You may have heard of her as she was the sleep expert selected by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. She then spent 20 years abroad, helping Hollywood celebrities with their babies. Her curriculum is impressive, if you would like to check it out, click here.

On her site, Dorothy offers a variety of video tutorials for new parents, including 2 complimentary ones. She also offers a range of consulting services, including email, Skype, group consultation and even 2-hour consultation at home.

Dorothy also offers a free sleep-help line for parents to email their questions and issues, and a very comprehensive guide on FAQs for the first 6 weeks of the life of your baby.


Sheyne Rowley is the Australian Baby Whisperer, an experienced baby expert focused on positive routine management as a key to solve children sleep disturbances. Sheyne initially studied Early Childhood Development and later attained an Associate Diploma in Social Science. She’s been helping families for over 16 years, with appearances in Australian media, such as Sunrise and Newcastle Herald.

She is the author of Dream Baby Guide, where she shares her unique methods to help your little one get to sleep.

On her website Sheyne offers a variety of parenting workshops, including: 5 day in-home stays, 2 and 3 day in-home stay, Routine Management via phone and one hour consultations. You can read parents’ testimonials on the site and also read some information about her methodology, here.


Sophie Acott is a qualified Life Coach, Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant based in Encitas, San Diego. This mother of three made the decision to help other families when her second child hit the four-month regression. Sophie has been dedicated to re-establish harmony in other families ever since.

Sophie is the author of The Happy Baby Sleep Guide, which is suitable from Newborns to 3 year old and is now working on a second book. Among her services, she provides consultations on the phone, in mother groups and in-home on parenting coaching and sleep consultancy.

In her blog, she provides information on daylight saving time changes for babies, how to deal with separation anxiety, and there is a series of posts titled Confessions of a Sleep Consultant, The Jett Diaries where she will take you through her own experience with her third child.

You can also check out her testimonials page, filled with thank you notes from happy parents.


Gabrielle Russell is the founder and Principal Consultant of Sleep Rescue. She has been dealing with sleep disruptions, feeding and behavior issues in babies and toddlers for over 30 years.

Gabrielle is a renowned professional in her field. She is a Mothercraft Nurse with an Advanced Diploma in Community Services in Child and Family Studies. Apart from that, she also holds a Post Graduate Degree in Post-Natal and Neo-Natal Care.

Sleep Rescue is dedicated to develop highly personalised programs to educate parents in baby dynamics by providing ongoing support. These programs have helped thousands of families overcome sleep deprivation. You can access their testimonials by clicking here.

This website offers a wide range of services according to your baby’s age group, from newborn to 5 years old. In the blog, there are several posts where you can read about how holidays may disrupt your baby’s routine and latest research on control crying among other topics.


After experiencing sleep deprivation first hand, Violet Giannone dedicated her life to studying baby sleep and to helping other families in similar situations through Sleep, Baby, Sleep, her own site.

Violet is a Registered Nurse, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Professional Member for the National Sleep Foundation and Regional Representative for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC).

On her site she offers a wide range of services to help your baby sleep through the night: from email support, to online chat sessions and personalised sleep plans for your child. You will also find a large amount of testimonials from happy parents that have managed to get their babies to sleep.

She also provides Sleep tips for parents, such as Baby only sleeps when held, Baby won’t sleep in the crib or bassinet, and Biggest cause of baby’s sleep problems, among others.


Conner Herman and Kira Ryan are the founders of Dream Team Baby. Both are moms who experienced sleepless nights at the start of motherhood. Ever since they have been dedicated to help other families.

Their business has a team of sleep consultants that offer a wide range of services: private consultations on the phone or at home with the option of half night stay or full night all across USA. They also receive advisory from medical professionals in several disciplines, to ensure maximum support to parents. You can read some of their happy customers’ testimonials, here.

On their site you will find plenty of sleep tips for newborn, baby, Toddler & big kids and even Parents! If you need to learn more about their ways and methods, check out The Dream Sleeper, their own book!


The Family Sleep Institute was founded by Child Sleep Consultant Certification Instructor and pioneer, Deborah Pedrick. She is also the co-founder of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and President of the Family Sleep Institute. Deborah has been educating families on the importance of establishing healthy sleep habits for over 18 years. She has been interviewed by: The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Parents Magazine, NY Family Magazine and “The Doctors” TV Show.

This website has a section for students or future students, but also another one for parents looking for a sleep consultant. On their website, the Family Sleep Institute has over 164 Certified Sleep Consultants. You first need to select your location and then choose a specialist. Many of those have been already listed in this article. However, if none of them are close to you, this website can certainly provide some other great options.


In the list above there are different options when it comes down to sleep experts. You may be doing research and want to learn more about how to handle your baby sleep issues. Or perhaps you have researched enough and are ready to take the next step and hire and expert.

The purpose of this article is to provide a guide to help you find some of the best sleep experts online. We’ve covered just 27, but I’m sure there are many more! We don’t endorse any particular experts or their methods, and they are not ranked in any particular order. We hope that this list will give you a good snapshot of some of the professionals and experts you can find online.

There are as many methods are experts our there, as there is no single method that works for every family. Some parents are fine trialling the Cry-it-out technique, whereas others are completely opposed to that method. And that’s OK, as there are many options available. Just take whatever works for you and your baby.

Do you know any of these experts or have you hired them? We would love to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment, and if you know people who need this guide, please share it!


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